Tom More of RL Films – Award-Winning Cinematographer!

Moving pictures are the most powerful motivating force for your audience.

RL Films knows how to create them for businesses.

The proper combination of light and lens will take your narrative film from good to great.

RL Films knows how use them to touch the viewer.


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Humans remember and respond to stories not statistics. Humans engage with people not pitches. Marketing something is no longer enough, you have to reveal who you ARE as a company, a brand, an artist, as someone with something to say…that matters to your market. RL Films will help you find your voice and provide images that compel the viewer to engage, to act, to pursue you.
RL Films focuses on a number of specialties required by corporations & businesses, entrepreneurs, film making creatives, non-profits & causes, and even individuals:
• Marketing films
• Corporate promotions
• Business profiles
• Recruiting & training videos
• Event & highlight reels
• Fundraising videos
• Product demonstrations
• Employment branding films
• Movie & television show trailers
• Short films
You bring a unique set of requirements for your project so every job has to be custom. Please call or email to present your needs and discuss the details and options available to you. Since things are a la carte most budgets can be accommodated with high quality results. Don’t let distance be a deterrent. Whether you’re here with us in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex or somewhere we can reach you by road or via the enormous DFW International Airport a kindred spirit produces fantastic results so we’re not afraid to travel for a production. As a veteran-owned-business we also understand how the best laid plans change so you’ll find we’re fluid…because flexible just isn’t enough.

Contact us and let’s discuss how we can bring your vision to life!


The Turn-Key Production

You present your desired end-state, we create and execute the blueprint to reach that point. This is ideal for small businesses and creatives that need a team to come in and provide all the technical muscle to produce the finished product. This end-to-end solution includes both the labor and the equipment so you can focus on your primary tasks and keep the big picture for your organization or project. If you need to get it done without sweating over all the details this is the choice for you.
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Complete Crew Services

You have the vision and creative guidance for your project but don’t know where to look for the techies to pull it off. We’re connected to an incredible network of on-screen talent and production crew professionals who can make any concept pop off the screen. This way you can be engaged at every step in the process while we provide the know-how bring the images to life. Our outstanding crew can be tailored to your needs, and can include actors and spokespersons, cinematographers, camera operators, steadicams, cranes, audio recordists, lighting techs, editors, stylists, teleprompt operators, special effects artists, caterers, and more.

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Freelance Services

You’re putting together a crew and just need that missing piece to complete the puzzle. We have equipment, know-how, and a large contact list of pros to round out your team. In-house we focus primarily on cinematography and the camera department but can also provide lighting, audio, and grip services. The sizzle reels above demonstrate the images our folks can create.

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